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Family Matters by Ghanima-Atreides
Family Matters
Moar SW!Kate.

One of the neat things about Star Wars: the Old Republic is the fact that you can create a "Legacy" for your characters, where you can link them as family members, allies or, naturally, I added Kate's brother and mother (who appeared in Elder Scrolls too, I've just never drawn them). For added dramaz, Kate's mother Lavinia is my Sith Warrior, having fallen to the Dark Side in her quest for power beyond what the Jedi could she is with Kate having an epic, Luke/Vader-esque duel. :bucktooth:
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Force of Will by Ghanima-Atreides
Force of Will
Well, this is new, isn't it? :XD: And just in time for Star Wars day! :yoda:

I recently got into Star Wars (well, more, since I've always enjoyed it but it wasn't a major interest of mine) after marathoning all movies with :iconadriant1978: and playing Star Wars: the Old Republic (which is a pretty neat game and I'm liking it quite a bit so far!) and, of course, I had to draw Kate in yet another setting. Roll Eyes Giggle

So yeah, this is Jedi Kate. =P (Razz) The outfit is inspired by Anakin's and her lightsaber is purple not to match her hair, lol, but because purple lightsabers are described as being used by those who "favour both light side and dark side techniques and fight with an aggressive style". As ever, Kate is conflicted and toes the line between good and evil.
:iconnorroendyrd: tagged me in another of these memes, this time about one of my favourite characters, Dorian Valtieri, ruthless politician and assassin extraordinaire. :D Sorry it took so long to put it together, I've been very busy this week.

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Dorian appears in several pieces I've drawn before, mainly:

Man With No Honor by Ghanima-Atreides A Fresh Insight by Ghanima-Atreides The Last Meeting by Ghanima-Atreides

The first also contains his bio so I'll try not to repeat it word for word and instead add something new ;P

1) Despite being sold off to be an old noble's plaything by the manager of his troupe (and his mother not doing much to prevent it once blinded by the glimmer of gold), Dorian regards it as a stroke of luck. Thanks to it, he was able to gain an education and move in circles he would never have dreamed possible as a lowborn boy working as an entertainer.

2) Dorian enjoys the company of both men and women, although he's had more female partners than male. He doesn't exactly advertise this, nor does he make it a secret; in fact, like most things about him, it is the subject of rumour. One thing he never does is mix business with pleasure.

3) Speaking of rumours, one of the most persistent is that Dorian is the disinherited son of a nobleman, as people often assume judging by his appearance and mannerisms. In reality, he is as lowborn as they come and doesn't even know his father. Neither does his mother, having met him during one of their troupe's shows and never seen him again after.

4) Dorian enjoys the finer things in life: good food, expensive clothes, lavish accommodations...because of this, he spends gold as quickly as he earns it.

5) Dorian is something of a paradox; on the one hand he is quite congenial and worldly, enjoying the company of other people and good conversation, on the other he guards any and all personal information very closely to his chest, being of the opinion that by keeping your enemies guessing you stay one step ahead of them. Therefore, plenty is known about his public persona but very little about the man himself, particularly his past.

6) Dorian enjoys power, but has no interest in ruling himself. Instead he prefers being the "power behind the throne"; after all, rulers come and go, but a capable advisor and "problem-solver" will always be needed.

7) One of his favourite pasttimes is reading and he could often be found devouring book after book in Baron Noellaume's library during his years of service to him. He once said Kate is the only person more well-read than him he's met.

8) Despite killing people for a living Dorian does have a conscience, albeit well-hidden. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt, engineering the perfect kill and the almost god-like feeling of having another person's life in his hands but he takes no pleasure in cruelty. He mentally disassociates himself from the act of murder itself, which in turn assuages any feelings of guilt that might threaten to take form. There are also things he'd never do, such as killing a child or forcing himself upon a woman.

That's it, I hope you liked it! I tag :iconnorroendyrd: with Durgakh, who has me intrigued. B-) (Cool) 
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NorroenDyrd Featured By Owner May 23, 2016
Heeeey, I noticed you dropped by on my page and I feel bad that I STILL haven't filled in the Character Facts meme you tagged me for. I only just started fleshing out Durgakh's personality as I am slowly progressing through the DC territory. I resently did that Mysterious Curio quest where you meet an Ayleid ghost and convince him to move or or see the world. I now headcanon him as a Durgakh's sarcastic sidekick. :B
Ghanima-Atreides Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries, I understand being busy and taking your time to flesh Durgakh out, when I tagged you I didn't have any expectations as regards time. You'll get to it in your own time. :) Glad you've been having fun with her though, and I know that quest! He is cool and one of the few NPCs who speaks Ayleid in the game...I usually tell him to stick around as well. :bucktooth:
TheNalvor Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016
Happy Birthday! *gives flower crown*
Ghanima-Atreides Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you! :aww:
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Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful day =)
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Eee, thank you! :hug:  It's been a pretty fun day!
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